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the new technology of papermaking blankets

the new technology of papermaking blankets

Xie zongguo: the new technology of papermaking blankets creates new value for improving the operation of mainstream paper machine

Felt, as an important material of paper machine, it has become an important part of the paper making equipment, fabric for the past 23 years ring dragon technology adhering to the meticulous service concept, technology innovation as the main line to build the core competitiveness and has developed into China and the asia-pacific region's leading supplier of paper machine, but in the face of the development of Chinese paper making and the characteristics of China's papermaking, especially the raw material of waste reuse, with Chinese characteristics, and China's standard operation, operation habit, compression blanket has begun by the third generation of upgrade to the fourth generation, as a representative of the ring dragon BOM laminated to the third generation of blankets, characteristic is to adapt to a lot of dehydration, but performance is not stable, steam rate is high, the end breakage rate is high.

The fourth - generation blanket effect includes the following aspects: the first is the stable type of the boot, which is the new blanket of the paper machine.