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Filter cloth is chosen

Filter cloth is chosen

The selection of filter cloth should first meet the requirements of corrosion protection, and according to the chemical properties of the separated materials, select the corresponding filter fabric material. Filter cloth filter mesh (model), in accordance with the separation of materials to determine the particle diameter and particle size distribution of status, generally when choosing filter cloth mesh (type) should be slightly more than have to intercept the particle diameter, has a small number of small particles in the initial stage of filtration filter, when the larger particles trapped after bypass forming filter cake layer, can eliminate the phenomenon of wear filter, helps to improve the efficiency of filtering.

Double layer composite screen

The filter recommends a single filament double cloth filter, which is treated by calender light to reduce the possibility of the filter clogging and improve the regenerating performance of the filter.

Filter cloth when installation should be sealed lips with random distribution of the filter cloth sealing ring embedded drum in the seal groove (for discharging or scraper discharge centrifuge for the configuration of the filter), can not have seal failure, in case of a run.